Friday Conversation: How do you decline the weigh-in?

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People of all sizes might choose to decline the weigh in at the healthcare practitioners office. For some (of all sizes) the weigh-in can trigger disordered eating/eating disorders and declining is a way to avoid that. For fat folks, the weigh in can be fraught in a lot of ways. It can trigger trauma of past weight stigma. Giving the healthcare provider a number can increase their fixation on weight which can make it even more difficult to get ethical, evidence-based care for whatever you are actually at the HCP for.

There are rare situation where a weight is necessary (for example when medication is dosed by weight, or for someone has a health condition that requires them to measure water retention etc. ) but making a weigh-in standard for every appointment doesn’t do much to help anyone, and it harms a lot of people.

I’ve adopted a simple approach in most cases - when they point me towards the scale I cheerfully say “no thank you” and keep walking. At that point they usually come after me and we move on.

But there are lots of ways to decline a weigh-in, so today tell us the methods that you use to decline the weigh-in!

You an find some resources for declining the weigh (including More To Love’s Don’t Weigh Me cards) at