Ragen this is AMAZING!!! I literally cannot wait to see that research and am delighted you are doing it. Thank you so much for all your work, you are incredible!

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HI, I am from Malaysia, and an independent fat activist,

I've been following your publication and tweeting on your work at @kaveinthran

I know of some heigher weight people that can do this study, but is it open to the rest of the world or just US?

and, I am finding for your articles that kinda collect all fat studies research in which you have conducted a short analyses on each of them. So far, I find both https://weightandhealthcare.substack.com/p/correlation-vs-causation-errors-are and https://weightandhealthcare.substack.com/p/who-says-dieting-fails-the-majority

is really great at collating the sources. Have I missed anything?


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Thanks for this, Ragen. I signed up. It always amazes me how many people think there's nothing wrong with saying things like "there should be fewer ob*s* people."

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I am so excited for your research!

This is completely indicative of this literal topic, but I wish my larger bodied husband (his choice of self-identity) were still alive to participate in the study, but he died in 2021 from a treatable disease because of being told to go away and lose weight rather than be admitted in the hospital, and denied treatments because their insurance coverage was predicated on having been admitted to the hospital.

I wish I could contribute but as a straight-sized to small fat person I cannot accurately speak to his experience, only what he shared with me and what I saw.

But, please tell us the contact info on how to participate and I will share it everywhere.

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Hi Electra, I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your husband due to unconscionable medical weight stigma. I'm grateful that you are continuing to work to end that weight stigma by sharing his story. If people are interested in participating, they can start here for information and to begin the process of scheduling. https://forms.gle/tHchyuZ59DmbYmNN8

Thank you.

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Thank you! I will share that!

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