These people/researchers have zero shame. Gross.

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So, essentially, this drug works by putting a person into medically-induced anorexia. Since we have plenty of data about the long term effects of anorexia, my hypothesis is that in the next 10-20 years, we’re going to start seeing those same effects from long-term semaglutide use.

I hope this drug is taken off the market.

Can we take a moment to address the death of the one study participant? Did the study attempt to explain this at all? One death out of 152 people should be horrifying, especially for a drug they’re expecting to market to a large population of people. (And not to mention a population of people who have historically received substandard healthcare and may not receive proper interventions before a medically unnecessary drug kills them.)

The drug companies will always try to blame an unrelated issue for study participant deaths (and now they can just blame fatness!), but drug trial deaths should be taken very seriously. Drug trials are a teensy snapshot of a much larger reality, so if this short small study resulted in 1 person dying out of 152 in just two years… RED FLAG. (On top of all the other red flags.)

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