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The “I just want to feel like I felt at my old weight” mistake

Gary Taubes Tragically Flawed Article

Creating A Size-Inclusive Healthcare Office

Friday Conversation - Strangest Weight Loss Recommendations

Correlation vs Causation Errors are Killing Fat Patients

5 Questions with Dr. Lesley Williams

Friday Conversation - Heroes and Teachers

The 5-10% Weight Loss Lie - Part 2

Does losing 5-10% of body weight really improve health?

Friday Conversation - One Thing You Wish Healthcare Practitioners would stop doing

What If My Patient Wants To Lose Weight?

MRI Access for Higher-Weight Patients

Friday Conversation: How do you decline the weigh-in?

5 Questions With Dr. Asher Larmie (aka FatDoctorUK)

Novo Nordisk Delivers Weight Stigma to Grand Nursing Rounds

Friday Conversation About Conversations

Do Higher-Weight People Need Longer Needles for Vaccines?

Vaccines and Fat People - A History of Exclusion and Blame

Friday Conversation: Fat Patient Pet Peeves

Truths About Health and Fat People

Who Says Dieting Fails Most Of The Time?

Friday Conversation: Your Best Healthcare Experiences

Inclusive Language For Higher-Weight People

How Lack of Equal Healthcare Access Harms Fat Patients' Health

The "I Could Find 15 Studies" Fallacy

Fat People, Healthcare, and Tax Dollars

Leaving the Calories In/Calories Out Myth Far Behind

Gaesser & Angadi-The Case For Weight-Neutral Healthcare

The Many Dangers of Conflating Weight and Health

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It's the Diets That Fail, Not the Patients They Are Prescribed To

The Difference Between Size Acceptance and The Weight-Neutral Health Paradigm

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment - Studying the Studies

Is Being Fat Really a Chronic, Lifelong Health Condition?

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