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Friday Subscriber Discussion: New Years Revolutions

Common Terminology and Statistics Issues- Part 2

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Comment on Harmful USPSTF Kids Weight Loss Recommendation - Part 2

Dangerous USPSTF Guidelines for Higher-Weight Children Are Open for Public Comment - Part 1

December Subscriber Ask Me Anything 2023

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Thinking of the Children

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Issues with Terminology and Statistics in Weight Science - Part 1

Reader Question – Top Three Phrases for Dealing with Medical Weight Stigma

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Physician Demonstrates Medical Weight Stigma and Bias

Weight Loss Industry Big Think - Expanding the Market -Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Holiday Season Free-For-All

Reader Question – Weight Loss Industry Big Think Part 1

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Reader Question - Dealing with Diet Culture at the Holidays

Three Things That Should Be Required For Weight Loss Research

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October AMA Answers - 2023

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Large study shows high BMI not associated with serious top-surgery complications

Study's Questionable Claims About Eating Disorders and Dieting

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Well Said

Case Study - Higher-Weight Patient Seeks CT Scan

Wegovy Side Effects and Informed Consent - Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Needle in a Haystack

Reader Question – Wegovy’s Side Effects - Part 1

The Truth About ObesityWeek - Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Layers of the Diet Culture Onion

ObesityWeek and The Obesity Society - Part 1

The Worst Doctor Diet Advice?

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Giving Up?

Subscriber Ask Me Anything - October 2023

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Heart Health Workshop Puts Weight Stigma and Poor Science on Display

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Reader Question – Is Obesity an Addiction Like Alcohol or Gambling?

Study examines at connections between weight loss programs and depression and anxiety in adolescents

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Note the Challenges

The Utter Ridiculousness of the 5-10% Weight Loss Recommendation

Subscriber Bonus - Behind the Scenes at the AMA Ethics Podcast

Testing the Edmonton Obesity Staging System

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Note the Difference

The Problem with the Edmonton Obesity Staging System – Part 1

August AMA Answers 2023

Study Looks at Higher-Weight People and Nursing Practice

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Health Outside of the Doctor's Office - Part 2

Article Shows How the Media Creates Weight Stigma, Even When It Isn’t There

September Subscriber Ask Me Anything 2023

Questions for Higher Weight Patients and Their Healthcare Providers

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Health Outside of the Doctor's Office - Part 1

Reader Question: What is Relapsing Remitting Obesity

Weight Loss Surgery and Kids - Part 4

Friday Subscriber Discussion - On Trend

The Alternative to “Obesity Medicine”

Weight Loss Surgery and Kids - Part 3

Should We Rename “Obesity”?

Study Questions Supposed Link Between Being Higher-Weight and Cognitive Ability

Friday Subscriber Discussion - A Little Solidarity Can Go a Long Way

Not Blaming Fat People For Failed Weight Loss Isn't Enough

Please stop telling patients with Type 2 Diabetes to “Just eat less sweets and carbs”

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Just One Wish

Do Small Pharmaceutical Industry Payments Really Influence Doctors?

August Subscriber Ask Me Anything with Shelby Gordon 2023

Weight Loss Surgery and Kids Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - If you can't find one...

Novo Nordisk's Ethically Questionable Wegovy Publicity Stunt

Weight-Neutral Health And Wegovy - Unprinted Interview

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Finding a Weight-Neutral Provider

The Concept of “Non-Compliance” and Weight Loss Recommendations

Weight Loss Surgery and Kids Part 1

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Sound Off

How Do I Talk To A Colleague About Their Weight Stigma?

Higher-Weight People Have Best Hip Surgery Outcomes in New Study

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Bring Your Own

Noom Announces: We’re Not a Diet – We’re a Pill Mill?

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Fighting Weight Stigma by Ending Weight Pathologization - Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - If I Had a Nickel

Reducing Stigma by Ending the Pathologizing of Fatness - Part 1

Weight Loss and the Question Too Many Researchers Aren’t Asking

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Taking the Short Way Around

NYT Ethicist's Weight Stigma Hypocrisy Part 2

NYT Ethicist’s Weight Stigma Problem

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Weight Stigma Toolbox

Steps for Practitioners to Advocate for Higher-Weight Patients/Clients

Beachbody's Pseudo Rebrand – I Tried It So You Don’t Have To Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - The Confusion of Inclusion

Do EpiPens Fail Higher-Weight Patients

June Subscriber Ask Me Anything Post 2023

The Problem With the AMA's New BMI Policy

Friday Subscriber Discussion

May AMA Answers 2023

Is Beachbody's Rebrand Really About Honoring All Shapes and Sizes? Part 1

Doctor Tweets Perfect Example of Weight Stigma

Subscriber Friday Discussion - Favorite Resources

What To Do When Weight Stigma Makes You Want To Avoid The Doctor

Letter To Med Students Doing a Weight-Stigma Capstone – Guest Post by Rachel Fox

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Most Ridiculous Article

Eating Disorders Support ChatBot Promotes Weight Loss

Wegovy’s So-Called “Long-Term” Study

Friday Subscriber Discussion: Power, Privilege, Leverage Part 2

Help the US Preventative Services Task Force Avoid Harming People and Wasting Money

Study Misleads About Efficacy of Weight Loss Interventions in Children

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Privilege/Power/Leverage

Key Words That Have a Different Meaning In Weight Science Research

May Subscriber Ask Me Anything

Goodbye To Jenny Craig

Subscriber Friday Discussion - Tipping Point

The Problem With “Classes” of “Obesity"

Subscriber April AMA Answers with Special Guest Dr. Greg Dodell

Patient Quick Guide To Talking About Weight with Healthcare Providers

Resources to Fight BMI-Based Denials for Gender-Affirming Procedures

Study Tests the Validity of Weight Loss Research Claims

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Speaking Up In Public

Four Ways To Spot a Fake Anti-Weight-Stigma Event

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Kids On Diets – Full Interview

Subscriber Friday Discussion - Anything But

Three Common Statistics Snafus in Weight Science

April Subscriber Ask Me Anything with Special Guest Dr. Gregory Dodell

Why The WHO Shouldn't Grant Diet Drug Request To Be Added To Essential Medicine List - Part 3

Subscriber Friday Discussion - Two Truths And A Diet Industry Lie

Dubious Justifications Behind Request to WHO to Declare Diet Drugs "Essential" Part 2

Subscriber March AMA Answers

Will the WHO Declare Dangerous Diet Drugs Globally Essential? Part 1

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A First Step to Solving Weight Stigma in Healthcare Interactions

Novo Nordisk Gets Caught In Shady Marketing Practices - Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Shouty Friday

Novo Nordisk (Finally) Faces Some Consequences for Their Deceptive Marketing Tactics - Part 1

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Beyond Doctors

Study Shows Lack of Link Between High BMI and COVID Deaths

Reader Question - Sleep Apnea and Weight

Providing X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scans to Higher-Weight Patients

Subscriber Friday Discussion - Represent!

March Subscriber AMA

Weight Watchers Expands Their Harmful Model - Adding Prescription Drugs

Study Looks At Ways To Protect Ourselves from Weight Stigma

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Dude, Where's Our Credit?

The Harm of Weight Stigma

Subscriber February 2023 AMA Answers

The Truth About The Obesity Action Coalition

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Lies Diet Culture Told Us

Reader Question: Why do they say that "obesity" is a chronic disease like asthma and type 2 diabetes?

A New HAES™ Friendly Disordered Eating, Exercise and Body Image Screening Tool

Friday Subscriber Conversation - You Gotta Give 'Em Hope

Subscriber Bonus – Some Good News on the Pediatrics Front

Fighting BMI-Based Denials Part 3 - Patient Experience

Options to Deal With BMI-Based Healthcare Denials - Part 2

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Troll Tips

Subscriber Only February Ask Me Anything

BMI Limits - Healthcare Held Hostage For A Weight Loss Ransom - Part 1

The Validation and Frustration of Stunkard et al.

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Each One Teach One

When Doctors' Education Is The Best That Pharma Money Can Buy- Part 2

January Subscriber AMA Answers

When Doctors' Education Is Really Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing - Part 1

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Say Anything

Asking for Accommodations as a Higher-Weight Person - Part 2

Asking for Accommodations as a Higher-Weight Person Part 1

Friday Subscriber Discussion - Dealing with Diagnoses

Things to Stop Saying/Doing To Fat Patients At The Start Of Their Appointments

Testing The Claim That Pediatric Weight Management Interventions Decrease Eating Disorders

Friday Subscriber Conversation - The Young You

The Problem With Weight Stigma Research

January Subscriber AMA

Serious Issues With the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines For Higher-Weight Children and Adolescents

Friday Discussion - Something Good

Special Edition: Dangerous New American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Higher-Weight Children

Study Finds Doctors’ Weight Loss Advice Is Rarely Effective

Navigate Medical Weight Stigma By Creating an Appointment Action Plan

New Year, Same Me

Novo Nordisk Marketing Diet Drug to Adolescents